General FAQ
--What is PriceMe?
--Is PriceMe free?
--Is the information on PriceMe unbiased and independent?
Product FAQ
--Which products can I find on PriceMe?
--How do I find products on PriceMe?
--How do I find the right product for me?
--The product I'm looking for is not listed, what can I do?
--Does PriceMe sell products?
--How can I buy a product?
--How do I report a pricing or product error?
Retailer FAQ
--Which retailers are listed on PriceMe?
--How can I see the list of retailers?
--My favorite retailer isn't listed. How do I suggest a new retailer?
--How do I choose a retailer?
Prices FAQ
--Do the prices include GST?
--How often does PriceMe update prices?
--Do prices include freight costs?

General FAQ

What is PriceMe?
PriceMe is a rapidly growing online comparison shopping website in New Zealand. Our goal is to enable "smarter shopping" for Kiwis. This implies finding the right product from a reliable retailer at the lowest possible price.

Is PriceMe free?
Yes, PriceMe is absolutely free for users. Browse and search as much as you want to find the product that you need from a trusted retailer.

Is the information on PriceMe unbiased and independent?
Absolutely. We always list the lowest price first without any bias. The reviews are written by consumers or by independent experts and product data are compiled from independent sources. PriceMe is not dependent on any manufacturer, retailer or other organization for the information provided on the website. We do have paying retailers and advertisers as clients, but this fact does not compromise our objectivity in anyway. PriceMe's prime objective is to be your independent source of shopping information in New Zealand.

Product FAQs

Which products can I find on PriceMe?

PriceMe includes and compares prices for a broad range of product categories. Most products are consumer products (TVs, cameras, home appliances etc.), but we also offer services such as broadband plans. Please refer to our site map for an overview of PriceMe's product categories. PriceMe is currently expanding our product coverage, so if you cannot find the product your interested in at the moment it's likely that you can shortly. Please Contact Us to suggest product categories that you think would be useful to Kiwi consumers.

How do I find products on PriceMe?
There are two different ways that you can use to locate the product you're interested in.
1.Search. Just type the name of the product in the search box above and hit the search button.
2.Browse and navigate. You can "Navigate" to the category of interest by selecting a suitable category in the left navigation (major categories are listed to the left) or by browsing the site map. The product list displayed for that specific category then helps you identify a suitable product. Please go the home page to start browsing.

How do I find the right product for me?
On PriceMe you can find the product you need by
- brand - which brand do you prefer?
- price - how much do are you planning to spend?
- product attributes - which model best fit my needs?
- product comparison (check multiple products and compare) - how do products differ?
- popularity - which products are other Kiwis looking for?
- reviews - how do consumers and experts rate the product?

The product I'm looking for is not listed, what can I do?
PriceMe intends to cover most products available in the categories we service. Please feel free to suggest products that you need and that PriceMe currently doesn't list by emailing us. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Does PriceMe sell products?
PriceMe doesn't sell products. We only provide you with the shopping information you need in order to "shop smarter". Our retailers do sell products.

How can I buy a product?
For each product listed on PriceMe we list a number of retailers. To navigate to the product page where you can find retailers to buy from, you just click 'Compare $' (or "View Price" in case there is only one retailer) next to the name of the product in the product list. This will give you a list of stores, then select the store that best fit your needs and click "Visit Store". PriceMe list all stores, even those through which we do not have any kind of deal, so that you can have an independent and complete view of the available stores to buy from.

How do I report a pricing or product error?
PriceMe aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information that you can rely on for your purchase decision. However, mistakes do happen and we would be grateful if you could report errors to us directly using the report product form available from the product page (click on the red exclamation mark). Alternatively, you can contact us directly using the contact us form. We'll then try our outmost to resolve the problem swiftly.

Retailer FAQ

Which retailers are listed on PriceMe?
PriceMe currently lists NZ retailers that offer online shopping, i.e. have a website that you can purchase from, and are deemed reputable with competitively priced products. Retailers are listed regardless of whether it's a paying client or not in order to give consumers an independent view. All the retailers listed on PriceMe fullfill the requirements for online shops as specified by The Ministry of Consumer Affairs' advice for Internet traders. Retailers that receive a large amount of complaints or that don't meet the requirements outlined by Ministry of Consumer Affairs will be delisted.

How can I see the list of retailers?
Please visit the Retailer List for an overview of the retailers listed on PriceMe.

My favorite retailer isn't listed. How do I suggest a new retailer?
Please Contact Us and let us know why you believe that the retailer should be included on PriceMe.

How do I choose a retailer?
Selecting an online retailer requires a similar approach as you would apply when selecting an offline, traditional retailer. PriceMe lists a variety of online retailers so that you can choose which retailer to make your purchase from. Prices are displayed with the cheapest listed first. Then add up the freight cost and consider the delivery options and speed of delivery. Please also note if there are credit card surcharges and if certain discounts are available. Last, but not least, check out the retailer rating (if available) and the return policy of the retailer.

Prices FAQ

Do the prices include GST?
Yes, all prices displayed on the website include GST.

How often does PriceMe update prices?
PriceMe updates prices daily using PriceMe's powerful product search technology in order to ensure an accurate and objective view of the market.

Do prices include freight costs?
No, PriceMe only list base prices, which exclude freight costs and other charges. Please check and verify the total price on the retailer website before you purchase an item.